Tuscan Gelato

With an intoxicating candy gelato nose that fades to a fruity cream finish, Tuscan Gelato forms large, compact flowers saturated in dark red and purple tones from the inside out. The effect of this cultivar is potent without being sedative or narcotic.

Cross: Blue Gelato × Tuscan Dream

Flowering Time: 56 Days


Slurty3 leans heavily on its Gelato 33 lineage, creating gassy Gelato notes that emanate from the large, conical colas. Tones of dark purple saturate the flower and fan leaves late in flower to produce visually stunning flower. The effect of this cultivar is relaxing but less narcotic than other Gelato crosses.

Cross: Slurricane x Gelato 33

Flowering Time: 66 Days

Sherbert Haze

With an initial note of Bacio Gelato that fades to a sandalwood/Chai tea finish; Sherbert Haze produces long, dense colas with a striking contrast between the dark purple color and the frosty white trichomes. Drawing from its Neville’s Haze lineage, Sherbert Haze provides a potent but uplifting effect that will leave you feeling clear and creative.

Cross: Sherbert Bx1 × Neville’s Haze

Flowering Time: 63 Days

Purple Punch

Purple Punch is the sweet, colorful union of two indica-dominant classics. By breeding Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple, the astonishing trichome laden Purple Punch was born, smelling of grape candy, blueberry muffins, and tart Kool-Aid. Purple Punch produces dense, uniform colas that finish quickly. Its effects may help with managing nausea, stress, minor body aches, and sleeplessness.

Cross: Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple

Flowering Time: 54 Days

OG Kush

A true classic, the distinctive gassy notes of OG Kush forms the backbone of many of the most popular cultivars on the market. The flower structure is compact with large bracts and a conical shape. With a distinctive “head band” effect, this cultivar provides an even, well balanced high.

Cross: Afghan Landrace

Flowering Time: 63 Days

Nimbus Snacks

Nimbus Snacks combines the best of the old and the new; the effect and nose of an equatorial “sativa” in a compact, fast-finishing package. It has a terpene profile bursting with exotic, floral/fruit notes and a dense flower structure showing purple tipped bracts.

Cross: Durban Mints X GSC

Flowering Time: 60 Days


Aroma – Berry Lemonade,
Flavor – Sweet fruit tart,
Experience – Potent head high but functional

Cross: Lemonchello 10 x London Pound Cake 97

Flowering Time: 56 Days

Lemon Pepper

Sharp peppery lemon notes
Sweet lemon inhale with a spicy exhale
Euphoric cerebral head high

Cross: Lemon Haze × GSC

Flowering Time: 60 Days

Jokerz Candy 5

Be one of the first to offer this new collab by two of the most notable breeders in California cannabis. Mario’s Selections are bred by Compound Genetics and pheno-hunted by Mario Guzman of Sherbinskis fame. With notes of sweet, hard candy that fade to a gassy finish, Jokerz Candy 5 is one of the finest representations of the genetics responsible for Gelato and Sherbert. This cultivar forms large, dense colas that are saturated in dark purple tones and covered in white trichomes.

Cross: Gummiez x Grape Gas

Flowering Time: 60 Days

Heir Heads

With what can only be described as a concentrated Bacio Gelato nose, Heir Heads takes the gassy gelato terpene profile to a new level. The extremely dense colas become saturated in vivid purple and magenta tones as the flower matures.

Cross: Apples & Bananas × Runtz

Flowering Time: 60 Days

Gush Mints

Gush Mints is a heavy, indica-dominant hybrid strain cross of Kush Mints and the combination of F1 Durb and Gushers, bred by Bay Area-based Purple City Genetics. As a culmination of multiple popular Cookies family strains, Gush Mints exhibits many of their beloved attributes: gassy, sweet terps with piney notes; dense, dark green and purple nugs coated in trichomes; and a body-zapping high that puts the mind at ease. You might not get much done, but you’ll feel great doing it.

Cross: Gushers x F1 Durban x Kush Mints

Flowering Time: 66 Days

Grape Fog

An incredibly loud, almost obnoxious sweet, candied grape note that lingers. Combines high terpene content (5.5%) with multiple cannabinoids (5% CBG, 27% THC) to provide a unique experience that is relaxing and flavorful. This cultivar forms large, elongated colas with a blush of pink/purple tones that start at the top of the plant and work their way down.

Cross: Tuscan Dream x Blue Ether

Flowering Time: 56 Days


Improving on the original GMO, this cultivar produces flower with the same GMO funk, more uniform structure and darker purple color. In addition, this cultivar tests even higher than the original GMO and finishes a week earlier

Cross: Chemdog91 × GSC

Flowering Time: 72 Days

Ghost Vapor OG

With notes of fuel and funk, Ghost Vapor OG delivers what you love about OG Kush with the addition dark purple tones covering the flowers from the tops down. The effect is relaxing and smooth without being overly sedative.

Cross: Ghost OG x Purple Vapor

Flowering Time: 60 Days


With a fuel forward nose and a distinctive sour apple undertone that sets it apart from other cookie/gelato crosses, Splashes of pink and purple saturate the dense, conical flowers that form slight fingers as they finish.

Cross: Gelato x South Florida OG

Flowering Time: 60 Days


Gelato 41 is a hybrid strain that is high in THC and offers a heavy, relaxing body high without clouding the mind. This cultivar has buds that grow in an array of colors, from light green to purple, with trichomes that put out a sweet and earthy aroma, alongside hints of lavender and pine. New consumers should know that Gelato 41 is potent and the high is best reserved for those looking for a new heavy hitter.

Cross: Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint GSC

Flowering Time: 60 Days


Gelato 33 is a hybrid strain made by crossing Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC. Since its birth, a number of phenotypes have been released, all with their own unique attributes. The Gelato 33 is a balanced hybrid with compact buds, staying true to its Cookie genetics. Like other Gelato phenotypes, the 33 is covered with fiery orange hairs and dark purple coloration. With sweet fuel and fruity flavors, this cultivar offers a powerful narcotic effect that leaves the user with heavy eye-lids.

Cross: Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint GSC

Flowering Time: 60 Days


Initial notes of sweet dried fruit that fades to a savory garlic funk. Garlic and Bananas produces elongated colas with tones of purple and green. Consistent high yields with high potency. This cultivar is perfect for commercial settings looking to maximize their production.

Cross: Banana Punch x GMO Cookies

Flowering Time: 72 Days


Coming to us from Purple City Genetics, Caribbean Cookies produces a fuel forward aroma with hints of tropical fruit emanating from its colorful colas. The effect is balanced, creating a relaxing, euphoric experience.

Cross: Guava Gelato X OGKB Bx1

Flowering Time: 64 Days


With notes of fuel and sweet ice cream, Caffeine forms large, rounded colas with green and purple tones throughout the flower. This cultivar has a balanced hybrid effect that leaves the user relaxed yet functional.

Cross: Lemon Sherbert × Sirius Chem D

Flowering Time: 60 Days


Aroma Buttery waffle batter with a floral finish Flavor Berries and Cream Experience Euphoric head high, great for the morning or midday.

Cross: London Pound Cake 75 x Kush Mints 11

Flowering Time: 60 Days


Apple Fritter impresses every time with a fuel forward nose and a distinctive sour apple undertone that sets it apart from other cookie/gelato crosses. Splashes of pink and purple saturate the dense, conical flowers that form slight fingers as they finish.

Cross: Sour Apple × Animal Cookies

Flowering Time: 60 Days