Growing cannabis is for everyone. Every expert has to start somewhere. We love helping beginners find their true calling.

After years of cultivating cannabis the old school way, The Clone Guy has stepped out from the shadows of the traditional market to become the leading provider of retail clones in CA.

Our vision for clone production started long ago. We’ve established extensive ties to the cannabis industry along the way. The demand for our product surged from the inaugural harvest and continued its upward trajectory. Our cultivation spaces expanded, progressing from single-story residences to sprawling warehouses with hundreds of lights, and finally establishing his fully licensed facility in Long Beach, CA.

We are driven by passion, unwavering commitment, profound knowledge, and deep respect for cannabis thanks to its profound positive impact on our family.
Clone Guy Industries embodies the classic small business dream, as a wholly family-owned and operated enterprise from its inception to the construction of the present-day facility.

Discover our exceptional clones at authorized dispensaries and delivery services throughout California.