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From the shadows to the forefront The founder of Clone Guy Industries has deep roots in the cannabis industry, from the very first harvest the demand for his product was overwhelming and kept growing.  The spots of where he would cultivate expanded, he went from single story houses to multiple warehouses with 100’s of lights, then finally his legal fully licensed facility in Long Beach, CA.

When meeting our founder, you constantly feel his passion, commitment, knowledge, and respect he has for cannabis and what it has given to his family.

Clone Guy Industries is through and through a family owned and operated company down to the construction of the current facility.

Our goal is to produce high end craft cannabis and help you do the same.

You can find our clones, flowers, and concentrates, in local California licensed dispensaries and delivery services.

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We specialize in Craft Cannabis Clones & Teens, Flowers, and Concentrates.

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We specialize in high quality craft cannabis, providing clones to some of the biggest names in the industry.